Zenput Mobile Dashboard

Proudct Designer
iOS, Android
Restaurant, retail and other multi-unit operators partner with Zenput to elevate their team's execution in every store. By automating how operating procedures, public health and food safety protocols, and other key initiatives are rolled out and enforced, Zenput turns strategy into action faster and equips teams to deliver on it.
Zenput did a great job of distributing work, allowing store managers to stay on track of their work easily. As more and more field-level managers began to use the mobile app, this model began to break down. Work was not centralized to a single location for them, and by not providing actionable insights into stores, this forced them to log in to the web app to find the information they needed. Likewise, stores did not have any insight into the overall performance of their team and how they stood in comparison to the rest of the company. We had to rethink our mobile experience to offer these insights in a meaningful way to suit all of our user's needs in a more meaningful way.
Rethinking our mobile solution started with our users. We conducted interviews with users at every level to understand their needs. We leveraged data from platforms such as Heap and Periscope to gain insight into behaviors, trends, and use across segments. What we found was that at a base level, users needed to track work, analyze work, execute tasks, and identify trends within their teams. By giving users a more detailed view from the mobile app we were able to provide more value, increasing their usage of the platform. Throughout our iterations, we held user tests with customers who fit our personas using Invision and Lookback to document all of our learnings. As a result, we were able to deliver a more useful experience to users enabling them to ensure that all of their teams were performing.