Zenput Form Builder

Proudct Designer
Restaurant, retail and other multi-unit operators partner with Zenput to elevate their team's execution in every store. By automating how operating procedures, public health and food safety protocols, and other key initiatives are rolled out and enforced, Zenput turns strategy into action faster and equips teams to deliver on it.
The form builder was infamously known as the oldest piece of code in the database. As time went on and features began to pile on it desperately need to be changed. The Builder sits at the very core of the product and is the mechanism that contains processes for organizations. Because features were separated all through the platform, we knew that to make an impact, we would need to start from the ground up and bring everything back into the Builder itself. In addition, complex setups like triggers and scoring were done on a small detail pane making it incredibly difficult for users to use.
As a team, we made the decision to start from the ground up. We held multiple interviews with key customers, customer success teams, and our sales teams. This allowed us to identify our most important user needs, pain points within the product, and the needs of the business. We then leveraged platforms like google analytics, Heap, and FullStory to gain insight as to how people were using the product. This allowed us to identify key information in redesigning the builder. The result was a more robust yet easier to use builder. We were able to bring all the needed functionality into one place allowing users to optimize their forms, trigger workflows, distribute work, and set configuration all in one place.